The Third Paradigm

As a free gift we would like to give you this FREE copy of Reggie Gold's 'Third Paradigm'.

Though Reggie Gold has been lecturing on this model of Chiropractic for decades, this is the ONLY known writing to exist.

It is a great honor for The Chiropractic Trust, and for myself as your chairman, to present Reginald E. Gold D.C.’s only written work on Non-Therapeutic Chiropractic.

Reggie, as he was known, was the founder of the Non-Therapeutic model of Chiropractic. He took the concepts he learned from B.J. Palmer and developed and expanded upon them, just as B.J. expanded upon the original concepts of his father. B.J.’s concept and focus of chiropractic was to address sick people. Reggie took these ideas and expanded them to include chiropractic for everyone (sick, well, young and old). His premise was that vertebral subluxations, in and of themselves, were a detriment to the expression of Life and that everyone is better off without vertebral subluxations (sick or not, expressing symptoms or not).

We have reproduced Reggie’s only written words for you to enjoy. In my life, this is what made chiropractic make complete sense and allowed chiropractic to be practiced in a way that can allow it to reach its fullest potential. We embrace Reggie’s vision of a better world through the correction of vertebral subluxations, not as a treatment, but as a habit.

Enjoy these pages, and I sincerely hope these words touch your life as they have touched mine.

Mark J. Romano, D.C
Chairman of the Board