The Chiropractic Trust has been created to protect, preserve, advance, develop and adamantly defend practices of Straight Chiropractors who focus strictly on the location, analysis and facilitation of correction of Vertebral Subluxation and ensuring that the choice of straight chiropractic care is made available to all humankind throughout their entire lives. Such high value is evidenced by Straight Chiropractors through the use of principles, practices, procedures and fee systems which reduce or eliminate barriers to anyone’s ability to regular lifetime Straight Chiropractic care.

Straight Chiropractic is defined as: The location, analysis and facilitation of correction of Vertebral Subluxation solely because they, in and of themselves, interfere with the proper expression of the innate intelligence of the body and are a detriment to life. Additionally, Straight Chiropractic shall include the education of people as to the seriousness and importance of Vertebral Subluxation and having them corrected. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.

The Chiropractic Trust shall accomplish this mission through a variety of educational programs and public relations focused on enhancing and asserting the individual and collective rights of Straight Chiropractors on a regional, state and national level to engage in and maintain straight chiropractic practices without fear or harassment from entities inside or outside the profession.