Be a part of The Chiropractic Trust!

We believe that Straight Chiropractic is too important to the world to let it perish at the hands of obfuscation and compromise!

To that end, we invite you to examine our Statement of Purpose. Read it carefully and examine it individually and collectively. Ask yourself if you share the vision communicated by these the principles and Straight Chiropractic and those of The Chiropractic Trust.

We also ask you to watch this brief video taken at The Chiropractic Trust’s Summit in 2013. Learn about why we’ve created The Chiropractic Trust and why you should join us in our mission.

As we embark on this journey, we have much to accomplish and we look forward to your active participation. We believe in being good stewards of our resources, not only for our profession, but as a model for our organization. Our operational funding comes primarily from membership dues and charitable donations. These resources are used for a variety of organizational, operating and legal expenses associated with establishing and maintaining organization on a day-to-day basis.

Over time, however, as the organization grows, it will give us the ability to serve our Mission Statement and protect each of our rights to practice pure & simple chiropractic without harassment, the ability to offer educational programs, create student outreach, to fund regional/national summits, to sponsor training seminars or to support other ventures that fall in line with the mission of The Chiropractic Trust.

Again, we invite you to take a look at our mission statement and if you agree, then please request a membership application as your first step to becoming a member of The Chiropractic Trust.